Thursday, August 09, 2007

Go with the flow

Today should be a good day. The boss is out for the next couple of days. I have stuff to do but nothing pressing on time so I can do it at my own leisurely pace. That will allow me to just slip on in to weekend mode and hopefully forget that debacle of a Brewers game yesterday. Still a lot of baseball to play but man that was fugly.

Erased from my mind starting........NOW!

The only troubling part of working today will be the bald guy over to the right in my line of sight. He wasn't bald yesterday. Had hair. He shaved his head last night after trying to give himself a haircut. So when his hair got all---

Er, wait...WTF????

Giving himself a haircut??? Who the hell tries to give themself (selves?) a haircut? You can get it done for what, less than 10 bones at Supercuts or something?

Seriously, has he not heard about the Flowbee? Who doesn't like a "refreshing vacuum haircut"? Then again, how are the Flowbee people still around?

Too many questions...not enough answers.

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