Friday, August 10, 2007

Shots and the Cowboys

I would have been really drunk last night if I hadn't decided to play poker. Well, I should say drunk at the bar. I did get pretty hooched after I left, but I didn't have to drive anymore so it was all good.

I was hoping for a nice relaxing evening. The plan was to go up to the bar, enjoy a couple of beers and watch the Cowboys game. Sure it is just preseason but it is football. It is Dallas Cowboy football. It really doesn't matter if they win or lose as long as I get my fix.

I see preseason football in simple terms. I want to see the first string move the ball on offense and watch the defense not allow points. Then when second and third string come in, look for guys that make good plays and can make the team. The score doesn't really matter. A win is nice but it isn't monumental. There should be no hype about Wade Phillips winning his inaugural Cowboys game last night.

So I sat there in the bar taking the ribbing from others as I watch the Boys play. Didn't matter what they had to say because I feel good about this team. They can make a good run this year.

Before the game started we had some fun with one of the video slot machines. We took over OMW's money and ran it up. It is interesting how a bunch of people had a good time over this silly little machine.

Later the dice would come out and shots would follow. All because the cook was bored. I figured shaking the dice would be better than him telling all of his bullshit stories of all the women he has bedded. This dude does not get as much action as he likes to claim. I would be money on it.

So now I sit here at work, a tad tired, thinking about how I am going to get through the day. I have already piled in some work so I have rock star status. I know come noon I will fall off into weekend mode. If only I could find me a donut right now...

And a Makers and ginger. That would be nice.

Hey, I got paid today too! Whoo hoo! Enough with this crappy post.

Rock on with your bad selfs!

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