Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I survived

Guess I forgot to mention that yes, I had been drinking all day on Sunday. I went to that debacle of a baseball game and continued to drown my sorrows afterwards.

It was a good drunk I had going. But I paid for it on Monday. The meeting I had to be at work for went crappily. My boss kept asking for stupid little things to be done. Oh, she also stretched a 5 minute meeting into 25 just because she wanted to talk. The only thing that save me was her having the afternoon booked solid. Thus once it got past 2, I could shut down and let the brain go on cruise.

I slipped out of work early and went home. I didn't know if I would go through the usual routine or make an attempt to keep the couch from levitating. Some little voice in the back of my head yelled out "get your fat drunken ass on the bike and get some exercise" and before the drunk brain cells could respond I was watching some WEC Wreckage and pedaling away. Soon the steaks would be on the grill and I'd be enjoying a good meal.

I crashed early just to be woken up by the storms coming through. Some good lightning and thunder strikes going off outside. Just enough to wake you up and put the cat on edge. There is more rain expected all day. That had me a bit shocked to see people driving their motorcycles. Why get your bike out when it is going to rain all day? Isn't that dangerous? Even if it is your only mode of transportation, I would think you would still take the bus to work just once? Some things I am just not meant to understand.

One other question...there is a guy who rides his Harley here into work. He changes out of his t-shirt and jeans into his professional clothes in the men's room. We have some meeting rooms that do not have windows and can be locked from the inside. If I was him, I would simply use one of those rooms instead of the mens room. Is that wrong? Or does it make sense to choose not to change where it smells of mens ass?

In the meantime, I have to get most of yesterday's work I didn't do done today. Or at least finish the project I claimed to be working on yesterday. That won't be a problem as I am a fast worker. Yeah, I was that guy in college who took only 40 minutes of the allotted hour and a half to get the exam done and laughed as people sat there dumbfounded that anyone would be finished already. I have begun to utilize that to my advantage at work. Sluff off knowing I can make it up. It is working well for me.

But don't try that in your workplace. Remember, I am a professional.

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