Monday, August 06, 2007

My kingdom for more sleep


That is what I saw when I opened my eyes. I wondered a bit where I was. How I could see clearly. And why was the TV in the living room still on.

I don't recall going to bed. I don't know what would have triggered inside my brain to go to bed without turning off the TV and the lights.

I now knew it was 1 am and I was face down in my pillow. I got out of bed, removed the contacts from my eyeballs, and turned the TV off. I saw a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom. Guess they just fell off of me.

When the alarm went off at 5:30, I just about threw it across the room. I was still pretty damn tired. No headache or aches of any kind. Just tired. Hit the snooze button.

I repeated the process 6 times. At one point I thought about calling in sick to work so I could sleep some more. I then remembered I had a meeting I had to attend. Damn. I will have to haul my butt out and towards the shower after all. But not until I hit the snooze button again.

I then heard another sound. A popping sound. What is that? I figured it was coming from the kitchen. I then wondered if something was leaking. But no, that was not the sound of water dripping. And the sound was not repeating in a timely manner to indicate it was a leak.

The cat was right by me so it wasn't him. I went to the kitchen to find my freezer door open. The popping sound was the ice cubes melting. When did I leave the door open?

I went back to bed to try and sleep just a bit more. But I couldn't. I had to hear if the refrigerator was running or if I had burnt it out by leaving the freezer door open. Soon it was humming again and I knew I wouldn't be cooking all kinds of beef on the grill tonight.

Now I sit at work, half awake. I could burn a vacation day and go home. Or I can sit here and look busy. Too tired to drive right now.

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