Sunday, September 23, 2007

Avoiding a situation

I was beginning to look at packing for my trip this week. Got some laundry going so I had clean underwear and socks. I figure that is a good start.

I then looked at the reservation letter I had. I am going to be sharing a room with two friends. This place is particular with how many people are staying in a room. When I made the reservation, I had listed 2. A week later, I had sent an email asking that a change be made. I never did receive a response. So to be on the safe side, I decided to make a call to make sure there would be no problems. Last thing I would need is some uptight hotel manager refusing to let 3 people stay in the room because the reservation was for 2.

I get on the phone and confirm the reservation. I am told "We have you arriving on Thursday and leaving Saturday." Arriving Wednesday, leaving Sunday.

"No sir, that is not what this says. The reservation you made was for Thursday and Friday night."

No. I have a letter clearly stating that I am arriving on Wednesday, leaving Sunday. You sent me the letter! (At this point, I am just about ready to bounce in the Seinfeld skit about taking reservations but not keeping them).

"Let me check that out."

I grab the other forms I have for the hotel. I know I placed the reservation correctly. I have a letter that some manager was extremely explicit about me presenting when I check in. How can this broad tell me I am only staying for 2 night?

"Ok, sir, I have fixed the problem. I will send you a new email that you will need to bring."

Fine, I am glad I called and made sure things were taken care of. Crisis averted. No reason to be mad.

I did receive the new confirmation email. It looks exactly like what I already have. Except it says 3 people are in the room. Better not have any problems on Wednesday.

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