Monday, September 24, 2007

I hate zebras

It felt like all the officiating crews of the world were conspiring to make my sports weekend a living hell. I haven't seen so many bad calls in my life in a 2 day period.

First it was the Badger game.

The Iowa receiver yanks down the defender's jersey so he can make a one handed catch. No pass interference call. They make a big deal about the catch but no one mentions how he pulled the defender down to make the play.

PJ Hill runs the ball towards the end zone but it pops out at the one. The ball goes into the end zone where there is a big pile up. As a ref comes in, the balls somehow squirts out and a bunch of Badgers fall on it. But the ref doesn't see the ball and starts blowing the whistle. His inadvertant whistle cost them the touchdown on that play. Thankfully they would get it back two plays later.

The Brewers weren't as lucky. Ok, so MLB umpires don't wear zebra stripes but they did manage to blow many calls in the Brewer game yesterday. They screwed the Brew Crew big time!

Then I have to watch some shenanigans in the Cowboys game?

Jason Witten on the block on the back that wasn't. He made a perfectly legal block, hitting the defender on the side and his helmet was in front. Erased a 15 yard gain.

Terrell Owens on the non-holding call. He went out and was engaged by the defender. He cut and went inside. The replays show he didn't push off. 10 yard penalty making it 1st and 20.

Matt Briar, the punter, has been run into a couple of times. No calls.

Flozell Adams on a holding call that wasn't. Wiped out a 5 yard gain. Worse yet, they do not call the incidental face mask by the linebacker. 1st and 20 again.

DeMarcus Ware gets the sack at the end of the half. There should be at least a second, if not 2 left on the clock. Instead, the refs walk off the field instead of making the right call.

All that in the first half.

Second half didn't seem as bad. I did like how the crowd boo'd after the refs did not overrule a Cowboy fumble recovery. I expected it to be overturned. That somehow the ref would see inside that mass of humanity and make the call in favor of the Bears even though there was no angle to see if the runner was down. I guess the Chicago fans are wondering exactly what they paid for.

I couldn't help but notice the number of injuries the Bears were taking in the game as well. Just like 2 weeks ago against the Giants, the Bears had people laying around the field hurt. Two reasons Packer fans should be happy with these Cowboys.

I hate to have been stuck watching the Lions/Eagles game yesterday. The uniforms the Eagles wore were horrific. Hideous. Disgusting. My eyes hurt just seeing highlights from the game.

And the Redskin jerseys were not far behind. It was like the Ronald McDonald football team was playing.

Thankfully the Cowboys don't have any ugly jerseys that they play in. Just boring throwback helmet on Thanksgiving.

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