Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chicago recovery

What does a Brewers fan do after watching his team drop a game at Wrigley? Go out, get obliterated at the local bar, and then go see them beat the Pirates at the beauty that is Miller Park.

I cannot thank the DonkeyPuncher enough for the ticket and a place to crash. It was a blast.

It is a good thing to walk into the other team's ballpark and rile up their fans. In my years on this planet, I have done that many a time. However, I am not that total asshole guy when I do this. I am the guy who can give it and take it, have some fun with strangers, and then shake their hands at the end of the game whether my team has won or lost.

So on Thursday, when the Brewers did something good, I would stand up and look back at the Cubs fans just asking for some love. I got booed, laughed at, and then had stuff thrown at me. Some old bag even flipped me off! But it was in good fun. Except for the old bag of course.

Thus I was surprised when one of the ushers came up to me and said I couldn't stand anymore, that I was blocking people's view of the game. People complained that they couldn't see. I brushed it off because I knew the usher was full of shit. They had warned this guy just as the game started and he hadn't done anything wrong. So I was mad an inning later when I realized I should have called this dude out for the bullshit he was saying. But of course the best plans come too late.

After the loss, I was then forced to listen to one of the most vile songs I have ever heard. Worse yet, they kept playing it at the bars later. Fuck the Cubs victory song.

Oh yeah the bars. I wish I could remember most of what happened after the game but already mentioned the obliterated part. Yeah, we tied a good one on. I am not sure what bars we went to but I think they included the Dark Horse, the Ivy and the Red Ivy. Huh? Two ivys?? I won't even mention the security guard at the Goose Island Brewery who seemed to follow us just to tell us we couldn't stand anywhere in the damn place. Yeah, your beer tasted like shit! There!

I did end up doing some shot with some big dude at one of the bars. This guy was plastered. He came up to us (there is 4 of us) and asks who wants to do a shot. Hell, I was game and got myself a Makers. The big guy looks at me and asks what it is. Only the finest bourbon in the country! The bartender takes out two big tumblers and starts pouring. Oh boy, these are going to be big. I drank mine down and just watched the guy. The others thought he was going to puke right then and there. Somehow he shrugged it off and kept it down. Good, I didn't seem anyone tossing their cookies next to me.

He then proceeded to tell me how he needs to be at work in 5 hours. Because I speak fluent Drunkenese, I understood what he was saying through the slurring and stuttering. I gave him the solution. Cherry bombs! At a convenient price of 8 bucks a pop, they were enough to boost my energy. Don't know about the drunk guy, we took off to leave him in a puddle by the bar.

Not sure what happened next. I remember drinking some more, eating a burrito, and then waking up thinking DP's kid was a cat. I fought the hangover on the drive home and went to the Brewers game last night.

I then slept 11 hours and feel good now. There is more beer for me to drink today. I shall be busy.

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