Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to work, school, etc.

At first I thought it was just a noise in my dream. Music in the background. But I realized it was actually the radio on the alarm clock. 5:30 am came pretty quickly this morn.

After 5 days of little more than beer and baseball, I could no longer sleep in. I had to get up and head out to work in order to keep up such an exciting lifestyle. End sarcasm.

It dawned on me this morning how much baseball I had watched. Games on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. I went out to watch the game at BW3s on Sunday. I caught part of the radio broadcast on Saturday between parties. Of course I had many beers during said viewing/listening to the games.

So it did suck to have to get up early and get in to work, but hey, I had a great time. Met up with with a number of people and had a blast. There are many a story to tell but for the sake of my drunken brethren, I shall not delve into them here. In person is a different story so buy me a drink and you shall here some good stuff. Or you will find it to be old news as I am sure some of it has spread like wildfire already.

My record of having women more interested in me than I of them has improved. It made for a bit of an awkward time on Saturday night. I ran into a girl I used to work with at a party. I spent some time talking with friends. I could see her moping in the corner because I hadn't said anything to her. Moments later she was at my side asking if I had missed her. That would be the words I would keep hearing from her. Nice person but she is way too emotional. That I do not need.

But as the night goes on, I always wonder if she was going to make a move. Like when she wanted to go play pool. I suck at pool but managed to win easily. She got into a tiff and left. Of course I couldn't entice the chick I was interested in to play pool. I guess that is how life goes.

So it is back to sobriety for a couple of days. Time to give the old liver a break and take off the 10 pounds I feel like I put on. A smart person would have gone to the grocery store knowing they would be around for 5 days. Instead, I ate whatever was available locally. Gyros, subs, pizza, BBQ. All tasty but not the healthiest option. And even though the weather was beautiful, I never did grab my bike and go for a ride.

Viva la lazy bastards like myself!

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