Saturday, September 15, 2007


Was out at the store today buying some new clothes. I believe most guys buy clothes when they absolutely need to. When our socks are getting holes, the shoes are ripped up, and our underwear is shot. If those things are not happening, we ain't shopping.

This time was slightly different. I realized I could use some new stuff for work. A couple pairs of pants and shirts would do the trick. Seeing how they had a sale on Dockers, it made sense to stop in and get this trip out of the way.

It was while I was the store that I think I began to understand how women thought about this whole shopping thing. I wasn't able to get exactly what I needed. I wanted some dress pants but couldn't find the right color or size. I wandered around looking and decided I wasn't going to settle. So I grabbed a couple extra shirts instead.

Then, as I was about to leave, I saw the signs. 60 to 80 percent off. It was a sign from God! I started looking through what was there. Most of the shirts they have on these racks are butt ugly! But if you look closely, you find stuff that look like they should be there. Just beyond the salmon colored polo shirts is a nice tan one. And over there are the same shorts they were selling for $30 two weeks ago. Now...$5. I started checking more prices. The highest was $8. I ended up buying some shorts and polos. Everything was so cheap! I think I see why you women go nuts when there is a sale on. In the end, I dropped over $100. And I wished I had checked the shoe section.

Now if only I could find a liquor store with a huge selection of booze that was on clearance. Sure there would be some horrific alcohol on sale but I know there would be some great beers and booze in the bunch.

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