Friday, September 14, 2007

Homeward bound

I just had to do it. After spending 13 hours doing all kinds of personality, behavior, and influence analysis tests, I had to sneak off at lunch and drink. A tall Miller Lite never tasted so good.

I will be leaving Minneapolis in about 3 1/2 hours. It hasn't been all bad. I have learned some things:
  • You need to learn the Skyway to get around.
  • Chicks always look hotter when you are in a different city.
  • I must calm down my Herculean strength. I nearly punched a hole in the bathroom wall in my hotel room.
  • All the hot chicks in the training were married. WTF?
  • I had myself one tasty Reuben last night. It may have been the Guinnesses consumed as I ate. Or is it Guinnessi??? Iggy...ruling?
  • Why the hell would a Hooters have Grain Belt beer on tap?
  • Schell Zommerfest on tap is great. The Summit seasonal was nothing to sneeze at either.

I am off to quaff some beverages before getting on the train and going to the airport. I am not sure whether to stop at the bar and have some more in Milwaukee or grab a 6-pack on the way home. I know my cat will be missing me. Must take care of the cat. Oh, the things I do for pussy.

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