Saturday, September 08, 2007

Victim or Douchebag

Let's play a game today. It is called Victim or Douchebag. Read the story and decide if this guy is a victim...or just a douchebag. Give 3 reasons to support your verdict.

Today's story: Not showing a receipt at a store

My verdict: Douchebag!

  1. So let me get this straight. He figures by not showing a security guard a receipt, he is protecting his rights and stickin' it to the Man! What a pussy! I notice he never says exactly what right(s) of his is being violated. So we are all suppose to assume that a right if being violated. Does the store have a right to search the bag? Assuming he is claiming his Fourth Amendment rights (that is the best right I could find of his being violated, if you think a different right was involved, please tell me), the question can become "was the request reasonable"? Simply put, YES. It is too much to ask to confirm the guy didn't slip something into this bag? By responding no to the request (which he can) he now gives them suspicion. Suspicion of shoplifting. Now you have made an issue out of something that is nothing. Well done douche! Way to stick it to the man in order to protect rights that you never state were violated.
  2. He then causes a scene in the parking lot that leads to his arrest and distress to his family in the car and forcing his father to come up with $300 for bail. Classic douchebag move. He claims he cannot be detained, but he can. It is called shopkeepers privilege. Again, by not showing the receipt, he has created suspicion. Add in the fact he had the getaway car in front of the store with engine running, it would appear to be a crime in progress (ok, it wasn't really a getaway car but it sounded cool). They can detain him until the police arrive. I would say the manager of the store should not have been a pussy and told him he was being detained for suspicion of shoplifting. When asked he was accusing him of stealing, the manager's response should have been "We believe there may be some shoplifting." Simply statement. His actions back it up. But he decided to claim his rights are being violated and cause the emotional distress to his family. Really, of all the times to stand up for your rights you decide that just before going to a family reunion was the BEST time to pull of this stunt. Again, well done douche! I bet your father is damn proud of you!
  3. Finally he exacerbates the incident with the police. He was asked for an ID and refused to give it. Nothing wrong there as one does not need to show a form of ID. However, if you do not, the police can take you into custody to confirm you are who you say you are. All he had to do was show him his drivers license and the matter would have been settled. Instead he decided to obstruct and was dealt with in the proper manner. One other minor thing here. He gives the impression that the police were responding to his phone call. I wouldn't be surprised if the store had called the police at the same time they were chasing after him in the parking lot. Think about it. It sounds like a standard procedure. Security has suspicion, they go after them and someone in the store calls the cops.
This all could have been avoided if this guy would have lived up to his own principles. He claims he hates theft and wants shoplifter to be dealt with harshly. Well, there was your harshness. See, it still hasn't dawned on him that his actions made him suspicious and his failure to cooperate on such a simple matter made it worse. Christ dude, just show the damn receipt. It is such a small action and helps improve the system. It detracts shoplifters and keeps prices in the store at reasonable levels.

Verdict: Douchbag

One final is possible that the store's lawyers have not reviewed this policy at many different levels to ensure they are not violating some one's right by making such a request???

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