Monday, September 10, 2007

Good to have the old friend back

The opening week of the NFL season winds down today. It is good to have football back. Like an old friend who was gone for the summer. They return and the good times come with them.

Starting the season with a wild Cowboys' victory helps too. Who doesn't think Tony Romo is the real deal? Seriously. Come now and make your claim so I can laugh at you later on in the season. Romo looked sloppy at first, but once he got into his rhythm with Jason Witten, it was just a matter of time before the big plays happened. Thankfully we will not have to listen to Owens whine all week about not getting the football, which looked like a definite possibility after the first half.

But all was not great. The defense looked bad. Trouble against the run and the pass. Thankfully it is only the first game and I hope they will be able to stop teams facing 3rd and long. Felt like Eli Manning converted every single opportunity, picking on the inexerienced Reeves and Jones. They did an ok job out there but still let Burress dominate them. Not good. Terrance Newman needs to get back quickly or it is going to be a sprint to the finish each and every week.

My only other beef is having to wait to watch the game at night. I am not a fan of Sunday nor Monday night football. Call me selfish but I rather watch my team play on Sunday afternoon. Otherwise I am awake most of the night, waiting for the adrenaline to work its way out of my system. Morning always seems to come quickly on Mondays. With the Cowboys playing Sunday night, if felt like I slept an hour.

Ok, maybe being out drinking during the Packers game was a contribution to my tiredness. It was great watching those bEagles fumble the game away. What was the guy thinking at the end of that game??? Don't the Eagles understand the concept of the fair catch or letting the punting team down the ball? Thankfully not.

I will be heading up to Minneapolis this week for work. I just hope I remember not to eat anything on Wednesday morning. Last thing I want to do is have to stop in the restrooms at the Minneapolis airport after the flight lands.

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