Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't Rock the Boat

Yesterday I was bitching about how I got into the early argument with my boss and how she didn't want to listen to some new ideas. Well, that issue was resolved. They switched the duty to someone else. Nice! Ignore the real problem and assign it to someone who will do the monkey job without question.

Meanwhile, this monkey has to work late today. On a Friday. That just ain't right. I think it might be a quick trip to the bar after work or maybe I will dive into my refrigerator full of Sprecher. Either which way, alcohol will save the day.

Had some fun last night at the bar. After I threw my liver in front of the beer truck to save my friend Ben, I started chatting with some of the young uns at the bar. This peppy little girl came up to order a couple of Bomb Pops. I was asked by the bartender to card them to make sure they were of age. Each one was born in the early 80s. Oh to be young and wild and free again. Turns out they were out drinking because one of them just spit out a kid and finally got a free night with the girls. That explained the nice rack she had. They were quite determined to get hammered too. Soon she was back for shots. Then more Bomb Pops. Maybe there is hope for the next generation of drinkers after all.

Actually, I know there is. A slender lass came up for a couple of pitchers. I ended up making a bet with her. If she and her friends could down both pitchers within 25 minutes, I would buy the next two. I continued to drink my beer and glance over to check on their progress. Soon I heard the clacking of two empty plastic pitchers. I gave them a thumbs up and then pointed at the full beers each one of them had. They had 8 minutes left to drink those. But like true troopers, each one picked up the cup and slammed it! Well done! Bet was paid and I then tried to negotiate the next wager. But two more in 15 minutes wasn't going to happen.

That just may be the secret to surviving karaoke. Block it out and get the young ladies drunker.

Damn, is it the weekend yet?!?!?!?

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Rock on with your bad selfs!

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