Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monkey business

Let's start Thursday off with a little quiz...

I am walking through Home Depot when suddenly I say, "Oh fuck me!" What caused that comment?
  1. I realized I hadn't put the beer in the refrigerator and that I would not have a cold one waiting for me when I got home.

  2. I saw HD had Christmas trees already displayed.

  3. The paint I had bought just a couple days ago was now on sale.

  4. I forgot my wallet.

Insert Jeopardy theme...

First thing I did this morning was argue with my boss. A great way to start the day, huh? I have a new task that I need to do every morning. The process is stupid. It is not accurate, but as long as they get a result that is ok, they are happy. Screw that! I want it to be as close to accurate as possible; otherwise, what is the point?

So I explain what I would like to do and immediately get shot down. I have seen/heard this process too many times already. People get used to doing things a certain way that when a person with fresh ideas comes in and tries to make improvements, they are shut out. Kinda like going up against a union. So rather than battle it out, I took the high road (for now) and let it go until we can meet and go over. I already know the results of how that meeting will go. But I already know the results of how I will get around it.

Beyond that I have other mindless monkey work to do today. I guess that is why there is a banana on my desk every morning.

Got this picture in an email from the Milwaukee Brewers. You can have the racing sausages trick or treat with your kids if you win the auction. Going rate as of this typing is $440.

Somehow I think they could have come up with a better title. It sounds like a nympomaniacs dream come true.

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