Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fishing tales

I am not a fishing guy. I do not have the patience to sit in a boat on a lake for hours on end. Unless there is a lot of booze with me. I think it goes back to being a kid and fishing at the grandparents cottage up north. I remember putting a worm on a hook, tossing it over the boat, and minutes later, pulling up a bluegill or a crappie. It seemed so easy. And after every trip up to that cottage, we would "post" a summary in a the family diary about what a good time we had and how many fish we caught.

I couldn't help but notice that as the years went by and my age got higher, the number of fish caught went down. And I wasn't even drinking then. Yeah, as I got older, I never developed as a fisherman. Sure I will go out with friends once in a blue moon, but I sure don't know what the heck I am doing.

So why was I hauling my butt out of bed at 6am on my first full day in Key West to go out into the Atlantic Ocean? I call it Life. I may enjoy the hell out of it. I may not. But I would never know until I experienced it. Hey, I could get hit by a beer truck tomorrow. I don't want to have many regrets for not doing things when given the opportunity.

So sum it up, I had a blast on that boat. The only thing different I would have done was bring a case of beer. We were a bit lacking in that aspect. And it would have been nice if the air conditioned cabin was actually pumping out some cold AC.

But it was a great experience. One that I could remember if I could get my camera to transfer the photos to my pc. I did catch one fish, something they call a bull dolphin I believe. About 7 pounds according to the first mate. Al and his friend Landow pulled in a fish as well. We had some fish get eaten off of our line by sharks. That was interesting. Otherwise, they just weren't biting. Nothing you can do when that happens. Except drink. Yep, no beer came to haunt again. But it was a good time out there speaking with Ftrain and Bacon Bikini Mary, Landow, JDub, and Al. I may do the fishing again if given a chance.

One of the first things I watched on Monday while recuperating was the finale of Rock of Love, the Bret Michaels search for a girlfriend show. It was nice to see the "good" girl win, but it was also predictable. Early in the episode when Michaels makes a comment of how the stripper girl was more interested in the dancers at the hotel, you knew he wanted the good girl. At the end where he asked the question "Would you be willing to let me date both of you?, it was a blatant trick question. When stripper girl said "yes", it was over. She hadn't paid attention to what he was looking for. And she proved it by storming out and bitching about him in the limo. There was no sadness, no remorse, no broken heart. Just a old stripper who lost her meal ticket out of the ghetto. Maybe next time in Vegas we will find out where she is dancing and see if she still has his named tattooed on her neck.

I probably should get back to work. Yesterday was pretty hellacious. I had a mountain of work to get through and kept having last minute items thrust in front of me. I am sure we all like a good thrusting but not when it is work.

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