Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I hate it when work gets in the way

Too much work to catch up on before I can tell any more stories. Took just over an hour to get caught up on email. Well sort of. To sort and delete and organize took just over an hour. Now I am diving into month end test reports and then will have to go over the sorted stuff. Basically that means my goof off time is limited today. That is, until I get sick of work.

So fishing tales, strippers, a night in a country bar, ghost stories with Gracie, how I received a fashion thumbs up from Change100, and whatever I remember will have to wait.

I did have one puzzling voicemail waiting for me. It was on Wednesday. It was from my mother wishing me a happy birthday. It made no sense since my birthday was on Sunday. I ended up deleting it halfway through. Yep, I am so going to Hell, but she wasn't making any sense.

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