Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Go Ledge!

I am momentarily blinded. I am see bright spots in front of me. My nemesis is winning. For now.

The sun has risen and is messing with me. I have shades down to keep it out of my eyes but now the sun has moved over just enough to be on the cusp of full frontal attack. Full frontal is usually a good thing but not when it involves the sun. Soon I will have to walk over, hop up on a file cabinet to grab the chain and pull the shade down. Or if I am lucky, the sun will rise just a bit further over the ledge and my vision will be back to normal.

I am betting on ledge at this time.

And the ledge makes the save!!!

Part of me likes to think the DOT is out to make my life miserable. I work about 20 miles from my home. 98% of the driving is on the freeway. Over the past 10 years, the DOT has managed to do all kinds of construction work on that freeway system. All to make my driving experience miserable I believe*. They have failed so far. Parts of I45 were closed for bridge repair. Didn't bother me. Other parts of I45 were closed for some kind of repaving that took a whole summer. Didn't bother me. A chunk of the Hoan Bridge tried to break free. Well, that bothered me. But it didn't break me. The Marquette Interchange Project. I have found this one to be fun to drive.

Maybe that is why they are closing down the eastbound ramp to 94 at the zoo. Because I love ripping through the Marquette, they want to make it a pain in the ass for me away from that construction. Traffic is bad enough over there during rush hour. Now it will be a bit worse. Too many stupid drivers will not know how to get through the area and will panic and stop in the middle of the freeway (that pisses me off to NO END!). I expect the normal 9 minute drive to be at least 20 minutes every day for the entire 3 weeks the ramp is closed.

But I can get around that. I will either drive through the ghetto or if I am wrong with my time calculations, do a quick get off/get on move. They are recommending drivers go down about a mile to Lincoln Avenue, exit and then get back on going north to 94. Not bad, but not the best route. More people will do the same move at Greenfield, just south of the interchange. Me? If I was to drive through, I would actually go west to Hwy 100 and exit/enter and go back east. Much faster than going to Lincoln and possibly less traffic than Greenfield.

But most likely, I will be going through the ghetto. Even faster. I just need to avoid the school buses and people standing in the middle of the street.

*OK, I really don't believe that but I felt like being facetious. Work with me here.

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