Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Helloween on Halloween

If all works out, I should have the new Helloween CD in my hands tonight. Early reviews are pretty favorable so I can barely wait. Plus, with a dental appointment tonight, I will need something to listen to as I get blitzed later on. Yeah, it just might be pumpkin ale that does me in tonight.

I have to go back to the dentist once again. Apparently they thought two little cavities could wait until whenever they felt like taking care of them. Or as I see it, the dentist probably decided she wanted to go to Hawaii and was looking for someone to pay for the trip.

Either which way, I get to have a liquid supper tonight. Toss in Ghost Hunters live at Waverly and some poker and I think I am set.

Until tomorrow, here is my treat for you. As Long As I Fall, the single off the new Helloween disc, Gambling With The Devil. The song is ok, but the video has some nice old fashioned heavy metal cheesiness going on. Seriously, what is with the chicks dueling it out with electric balls?

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