Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have always wondered if someone would say something. Today, I got my answer.

Whenever I travel for business, I try to get an idea of where I will be staying and what dining options are readily available. Most of the time I will be dining alone. So I like to look for places that are more social and casual that strict sit down dining. I tend to shy away from known national names and try new places, a rule I stick to when people visit me from elsewhere. Seriously, if you are going to take guests to a national restaurant chain when they visit your town, you might as well take them to McDonalds. Only reason would be if they bring it up and are pretty excited about going to such a place ( for example, they do not have Big Boy restaurants by them). No Applebees, Chilis, Cheesecake Factory, etc. allowed.

The exception I make to my rule is if I do not have the time to plan out ahead or if I am wandering around starving and stop into a place as a matter of last choice.

Or if said place is a Hooters.

I will go to a Hooters no matter what city it may be. In fact, I stopped into the Hooters in downtown Minneapolis last month while on business. They called it Hooters of Cell Block E or something like that. The beer was cold and the wings were good. Being that I was in the city on business you better believe I charged my supper to the company card.

Well today, I got word that my ultimate boss is thinking of contesting the charge. She spoke with my boss and is questioning it. When my boss told me, I started laughing.


I always wondered if someone would question such a charge, that they would not understand that Hooters if a family dining establishment. You go into any Hooters on a given day and you will see families in there eating. It is not some kind of strip club like people like to think it is. It is a regular restaurant that serves burgers, wings and beer. Only difference is most of the waitresses are pretty hot and wear outfits that show off their curves.

Yes, my ultimate boss thinks of Hooters as a gentleman's club and is considering making me pay for that meal. I am anticipating a phone call or an email from her. My first question will be why I cannot eat at a family dining establishment. Then I will explain the menu and maybe even send this pic to her. If she doesn't get it, she doesn't get it.

Let the fun begin!

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