Friday, October 12, 2007

Just hours until the weekend

It was 8:48. Ben (named changed to protect the *cough* innocent) looked at his empty beer bottle. He then looked at me and my just about empty bottle of beer. "One more?".

I looked at the clock and gave him a look of disbelief. "We have 12 minutes before it starts. You want to run the gauntlet?"

"Sure", he replied as he signalled the bartender for two more beers. "We have plenty of time......unless they start early."

No sooner had the bottle touched my lip for the first drink than the music started. I swallowed the beer and looked at Ben with a bit of venom. He just laughed. Yes, karaoke had started 10 minutes early. And we were stuck with full beers.

"A pox on you! Damn you!" was all I could get out. A pox??? WTF?

I can't blame Ben too much for getting us caught in the crossfire of bad music and singing. He had help me with my dilema for Vegas. I had mentioned yesterday how I couldn't find a good room in Vegas for a good price. I ended up booking the IP for a ridiculous rate (for the IP that is) when I got home and had a nice letter from the Rio offering me free rooms for 2 of the nights I will be there. Looks like I will be staying there instead. Better room, better waitresses, and they want me there. Works for me.

I feel like I am sitting in a sauna at work this morning. It happens every year. When the weather cools off, the building people go overboard and crank up the heat when it doesn't quite yet need to be cranked. So everyone that woke up, saw it was in the mid 40s and put on a sweater, will be sweating their asses off at work today. At least I can roll the sleeves up and get a bit of relief.

Speaking of sweaters, I must once again thank God and whomever it was that invented the sweater. It is the best part of the change of seasons. With sweaters come sweater kittens. It is that time of the year when man looks over at the lady he has been passing by all summer and thinks "Damn, she has a nice rack!" And people think cold weather is a bad thing.

Plans for the weekend are a bit in the air. I am pretty sure I will be doing some painting even though I have been invited to hit up the Lakefront Brewery for a day of drinking. Yeah, I may be going the responsible route for once. Or I may start painting early and do both.

Either which way, enjoy your weekends people. And don't forget...
Rock on with your bad selfs!

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