Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Thursday

  • Still a bit pissed about yesterday. Not ready to explain the situation. All I know is I am better off not watching Blazing Saddles anytime soon.
  • There is a big bowling tournament going on over at Miller Park this weekend. They have set up two lanes on the baseball field for the finals. Tickets are on sale and range from $12.50 to $77.50. Who pays 77 bucks to watch bowling? Seriously, I want to know.
  • I would like to slap the guy who developed the NFL schedule this year. Not just for the 6 Cowboys night games- which will probably change as the Detroit and Washington games may be moved- but also for screwed up schedule for the Packers. They have a bye and then come back to play on Monday night. Two weeks in a row without sitting in the bar watching football. Yes, no one goes out unless the Packers are playing. Then, when the Cowboys come off their bye they play at night. Thanks NFL schedule making guy.
  • I am under the impression that most people never pick up a newspaper. Or check the news online. But if you are going to, please do yourself a favor and don't repeat the opinions in the paper as gospel. I heard someone talking about the stock market and how crappy it has been all year. Uh, hello? It hasn't. Sure it has been turbulent at times (like now) but overall it has pushed to new highs. That ain't so crappy. Or maybe it is just that my stock picking fu kicks ass.
  • For the past two mornings, I have started at this thread/web? dangling from the ceiling. The sunlight hits it just right. I think it would be cool if their was a spider on the end, having a blast like he was bungee jumping.
  • Thirsty for a cold one? Check out Fermentedly Challenged. This beer blog shows promise. Then make sure you are following the 86 Rules of Boozing. I like #35. Words of wisdom.
  • Anyone watching Ghost Hunters? Last night's episode was rather lame. Next week should be good as they head back to Waverly Sanitorium for a live 6 hour episode. Granted, nothing ever happens in a live show, but Waverly is awesome. I could watch any investigation of Waverly again and again. Same with Eastern States Pen.
  • Tomorrow looks to be a busy day at work. 4 meetings scattered throughout the day. Am I the only one that does not schedule Friday meetings, knowing that I and/or my fellow associates may be tired/hung over/waiting for the weekend to arrive? Only thing worse is the late afternoon Friday meeting. People should be fired for those.
  • Couldn't help but notice all the leaves on the sidewalk this morning. Just last weekend I was looking at the house kitty corner from mine and the huge leaf pile they had. I looked at the pile and then at my yard, at the pile and then my trees, and then at the pile. I knew my time would come. Guess I have some raking to do this weekend.
  • At least I cannot burn my hands raking leaves.

Afternoon update!

  • Please guys, do me a favor. If I am in the restroom washing my hands, do not strike up a conversation with me as you take a leak. You are forcing me to stand there and talk as you have your wang out. Men do not want to spend any more time in the restroom than they need to. Just let me leave and we can chat outside.
  • Already people are comparing the government response to the California wildfires to the response to Hurricane Katrina. Why do I have a bad feeling someone is about to place the race/wealth card? That they will claim the government can help the wealthy white people right away but not the poor black people. Totally different circumstances on how the states reacted. Plus, people learned not to repeact the same mistakes.
  • Why do I have Radar Love buzzing around my brain?
  • HR may be coming to see me again. I was talking with a friend about football this weekend and how the games may not be that interesting. We got onto the Packers and Aaron Kampman. I told him I thought Kampman was a solid player. Gets to the QB and can tackle. He responded "Yeah, he is pretty fast for..." and stopped. I completed his sentence "for a white guy". Yep, put the cuffs on me. I just don't learn.

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