Friday, October 26, 2007

So that is how he did it

A lot of Wisconsin potheads are not too happy today after a large field of marijuana was seized yesterday. They say it was about the size of a football field. Worth $1.2 million. Seems like a good haul for someone. The state should turn around and sell it with a hefty tax on it but that won't happen. But here is my question...if the land was government owned, how can they seize it? Isn't it techinally theirs already?

Plus, the rain today would have done that crop some good. Sure looks gloomy out there. I hope it rains tomorrow too. I am not looking forward to doing yardwork. I rather go out for wings, beer and football. Hmm....not a bad idea anyway.

But I must get through a Friday first. A Friday ladened with presentations. Just over half the day will be spent speaking to groups of people. Worst part is one is late this afternoon. Two Fridays in a row I have been stuck in a late meeting. This blows!

Here is an interesting article. They dissect the beauty that is the Dallas Cowboys uniform. A uniquie uniform is just another reason to love American's Team.

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