Monday, October 15, 2007

A stiffy

No, I am not laying in a gutter drunk and depressed after the Cowboys defeat. Just wanted to stop that rumor before it got rolling.

It has been a busy Monday morning. Found myself having to prep for a couple of meetings without an assistant. Add in other tasks and a call from the boss and there never was time to type.

I woke up yesterday with some stiffness in my legs. I was confused at first. I replayed in my head what I did on Saturday. Got a bit hooched during the Badgers game and didn't recall anything totally stupid. Besides yelling at squirrels on TV. Oh yeah, I did piss off a chick because I said Nickelback wasn't a real rock band and any guy who requests it or plays it in a bar has to have his manhood questioned.

About the only thing that could explain the stiffness had to be the painting I did. Instead of getting a ladder out, I just stretched to get the roller as high as I could on the wall. Guess that was enough to stretch the back of my thighs and calves. I still have to finish up. I had planned to get all the edges without taping things up but that didn't go so well on one wall. I am going to stop in at Home Depot and pick up some tape. Or I might use some duct tape I have at home. Not sure yet but I do know I will not be doing any painting tonight. Hell, I may wait until next weekend. Either which way it shouldn't take much time to tape the woodwork and finish the job.

For now I am trying to survive the day. I didn't get much sleep this weekend. After getting hooched on Saturday I picked up a nice stuffed pizza to chow on. The pizza was fantastic. But it sat in my stomach like a rock and made it uncomfortable to sleep. So what did I do yesterday after watching football? Yep, ate the rest of the za and didn't sleep well again. Now I feel the sleep in my eyes. I may get home and crash on the couch.

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