Monday, October 08, 2007

Well done Cubbies!

It was nice to see the Cubs not even win a playoff game. It helped take the sting out of the Brewers not winning the division. They would have been a better matchup against the Diamondbacks. Instead we got to see Chicago go 3 and out. Nice! I think Czabe summed up my thoughts:
I just knew that as the blood drained out on the Cubs season (helped by two
looking strikeouts in the 9th. Good work, fellas.) the TV cameras would pan the
crowd. TBS did not disappoint.
There they sat. The glum denizens of Sheffield and Waveland. Festooned in all their Cubbie garb, with their impossible Cub-sized delusions of greatness. Heads in hands. Long faces threatening to slip right off their heads and down into the detritus of popcorn and cracker jack in the aisles soaked with a century of Cubbie failure.

I tell you that was fantastic. Sitting in a bar on Saturday night, watching every single Cub fan inside Wrigley field on their feet cheering their team on. They had the bases loaded with 1 out and were down by 2. Full count and they ground into the inning ending double play. And the place erupted. Not Wrigley. Big Mommas. With a couple of insurance runs added, I knew the sad little Cubbie faces would soon be on. Thank TBS for the memories.

Wow, what the hell happened to the Packers last night??? I turned the game off in the 3rd quarter when they had a 10 point lead. The Bears looked bad all night and I figured the Pack could hang at least 30 on them. Guess not. Maybe if I had gone to the game- as the plan was when I woke up on Sunday morning but she decided to take someone else at the last minute that bitch- they would have won. I don't believe I have ever been to a game at Lambeau where the Packers lost. And than includes two Cowboys games.

Beyond that, my weekend was quite good. Looking ahead to this week, it may be just what I needed.

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