Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A W is still a W no matter how ugly it was

I hate Monday Night Football.

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

It is mainly for selfish reasons. I do not like having to wait an extra day to see the Cowboys play. Unlike other teams, I can usually see them on TV every week. Seeing them on national TV at night is nothing special. Plus when they play on Monday, you kinda feel left out on Sundays. You do not have highlights to enjoy nor the articles to read. And your team has the short week to prepare.

Oh and the Cowboys always seem to play like crap on MNF. They let bad teams stay with them through their own mistakes. It usually comes down to a wild and crazy finish that I am sure the networks love and that is why they want to get them on MNF. I end up pacing the room, drinking tons of beer or water, and then laying in bed for an hour waiting for the adrenaline rush to get through my system. Sure it is easier to sleep with a victory but the tossing and turning trying to get some sleep sucks.

If you look at the stats, this game shouldn't have been close. 385 vs 229. That was the total yards. The Bill's offense couldn't get into the end zone. But thanks to Tony Romo they did. Er, their defense did. Twice. It was like a nightmare. Heck, everyone else had a good game except for Romo.

5 interceptions.


Puts him in the company of Troy Aikman, Danny White and Eddie LeBaron.

But that is one distinction you do not want. Oh, and Romo fumbled a ball too. 6 turnovers for him.

Yet he still had the poise to put together not only the winning drive, but enough to gain the yards needed for the game winning field goal. Face it. Every player in every sport will have a bad game here or there. You hope that it isn't so bad that their teammates cannot pick up the slack or it kills them psychologically. After the game, Romo was blunt about his performance. He came right out and said he played poorly. That he was lucky the other players on the team made up for his performance. If only we could get that comment out of Terrel Owens....

Speaking of T.O., how can he drop that 2 point conversion. He went up, caught the ball, and should have been able to hug the shit out of it. Instead, he let some backup rip it out. By the way, was that not pass interference? Just one of the many balls he dropped yesterday. Hopefully he got it out of his system. Probably not though. He will instead go on a rampage about how he should get the ball more. His blow up is just around the corner.

And the calling a time out just before a game deciding field goal attempt is just plain bullshit. Sure it may be within the rules, but it is a bullshit play. Someone is going to get hurt one of these days because their coach made them run an extra attempt. The league will probably change the rule after this year. But it was fun to see Jerry Jones' reaction when he realized the first kick attempt was ruled to be null. Boy did he look pissed! That was good.

So a win is a win no matter how ugly it is. I could go on about how it shows character to have that many turnovers and still win the game at the end. Same thing I would have said it they hadn't won except it would have been they had chances to win at the end. But it is another W and it sets up the showdown on Sunday against the Patsys. That should be a good game as long at the Monday night QB doesn't show up. No line as of yet but I would think NE will be favored by about 2 1/2. update: Line opens at Pats favored by 4 to 4 1/2.

Oh and I believe I won the football pool with the Cowboys win. Beers are on me!

So after I washed my hands on behalf of Cowboys fans in Wisconsin (considering they pulled that game out of somewhere unclean), I turned the TV on in the bedroom and tried to sleep. Two and a half Men was on. The Charlie Sheen character was asked to donate his sperm to an ex-girlfriend. He was sent to the bank to do the deed and leave the deposit. It got me to thinking. If some chick wants you to give up your soldiers, shouldn't you be allowed to at least go the direct deposit route? I should at least get some action out of it.

Or a toaster would be nice too.

Gotta go here. Have to find out what is going on with Miller and Coors. Looks like they are merging operations. That is some big beer news.

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