Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Being thankful

There are times during the year where I find myself being a bit more sentimental than normal. A time I reflect on on my life, what I have done, where I am at, how the year is going. I think of my family and friends. I think of my career and stuff that it has afforded me. I think of what I like about myself and surroundings as well as what I would like to change and/or really should change.

I think...what can I do to make someone else just a bit happier than they are? What can I do to make just the slightest difference in someone else's life?

You would be surprised how a little can go a long way. Whether it is tossing some spare change in the red kettle. Or having $50 bucks taken from your paycheck as a donation- a $1.92 every two weeks goes unnoticed. Taking the bit of time to hold a door open. Or just buying some random person a beer just because they need one.

I hope everyone will take the time to pull out their cell phones and make a quick text message. Send a message to the troops that are away from their families and loved ones. Tell them thanks. The job they do is much harder than anything we go through on a daily basis. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten, nor ignored.

And remember, no matter how bad things are, you are always thankful for something. You just need to realize it.

I will probably go out and make the best of amateur night. Like Al, I do not particularly enjoy the day before turkey at the bar. Too many goofballs who do not understand simple bar etiquette. I recall being at a bar, shooting darts one time. The bar was getting a bit crowded as more people filled it up. I was about to shoot when some people came walking up and stood right in front of the dart board. They decided that was a great place to stand and talk. WTF? No, I did not plant a dart in one of their ears. I did yell for them to get the hell out of the way.

So I will be out and about tonight, watching people piss off bartenders. It may just be good entertainment.

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