Thursday, November 22, 2007


I got a good drunk on last night. Went from work to bar to home to liquor store to bar to home to refrigerator to pc to refrigerator to pc to refrigerator to pc to refrigerator pc to refrigerator to pc to refrigerator pc to bed.

Even made some money playing poker, finishing 5th in the Mookie. Now I wake up with an empty stomach and a slightly foggy head. Don't worry, I have bacon to rescue me.

I did try an interesting beer last night. I had to stop at the liquor store to get some Bailey's Irish Creme to bring to my brother's house today. I make a quick look around to see if they had any bum wine- they did not and I was too embarrassed to ask the stocking guy who asked if I needed help- and then made a last minute decision to buy some beer. I grabbed a six pack of Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale. If there is something I like, it is a bourbon flavor beer.

When I got home, I gave out a loud cry of disgust when I noticed it was an Anheuser Busch product. Great. Bourbon flavored Bud piss.

Then I took a deep breath and got a bit more rationale. Hey, those AB guys can make a decent beer when they try. So I decided not to rush to judgement and tasted the beer.

On the first drink, I noticed a distinct flavor. Problem was, that flavor wasn't bourbon. It was vanilla. I grabbed the bottle and looked at the label. Aged in bourbon barrel oak and vanilla beans. Little bourbon, lots of beans. Not quite what I was hoping for.

But the beer itself was pretty good if you like a nice vanilla porter. I would like to say this is a bourbon beer for chicks or a beginner course but I cannot. It was a poor bourbon beer, but a nice beer with a good vanilla flavor. I wouldn't necessarily but it again, but I wouldn't turn it down. Give it a try. I think some people would enjoy it.

In a couple of hours I will head up to the bar to watch the first half of the Packers game. At halftime, I will go to my brothers house to watch the end of that game and then the Cowboys game. After the Cowboys' win, I will head home to play some poker. After I gorge myself on turkey and stuffing.

Last night, I spent time talking with Annette and Ben about Thanksgiving food. Ben and I drooled over the thought of the stuffing. I told him how my mother used to make it from scratch and jam it into the bird. I cannot wait to eat this meal today. After the Cowboys game, it is my favorite part of the day.

As I stare at the turkey, I will think of the wild turkey I usually see on a weekly basis in the fall. Yep, there are wild turkeys (not the booze) that roam around the place I work. Ran into them the other day while leaving work. Four of them crossed the road and ambled into the woods. I couldn't help but think how many people have never seen a wild turkey in its own habitat. It is rather cool to see. Not as good as all roasted up on a supper table, but still, rather cool.

Hope everyone has a good day off and enjoys their time with family and friends.

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