Thursday, November 15, 2007

Follicle surgery and warmth

It is cold out today. Mid 30s, may get above 40. Outlook for tomorrow is slightly better. Yep, fall is here. The leaves are just about down and soon we will have snow. Meanwhile Annette (name changed to protect the innocent) is down in Florida where it is warm. Just wait til she gets off the plane on Saturday. Ha!

Got myself a haircut yesterday. It always feels like a huge waste of time. I go through the idle chit chat with the barber talking about the weather, football, and whatever topic may arise. I watch the clumps of hair fall off my head. That never amazes me. I usually take a couple days to decide to get my haircut. I factor in the last time it was done and how long it looks and feels. Then the blades hit the hair and big swaths of hair fall making me realize it was the good decision.

The hair looks good today. After I had to cut two pieces. I was shocked to see my barber totally missed one long hair on the front of my head. I guess when he combed through, it hid perfectly among its cut brethren. It had me baffled this morning. I stared for 30 seconds, marvelling at how after all these years, somehow I had a haircut that missed two hairs completely. Ok, so it took me a bit to wake up this morning and a long hair on my scalp had me amazed.

I realized I forgot to mention what I had thought about the HBO special, Katie Morgan Plays with Toys. The show was interesting. It went through the history of sex toys both for women and men. Mostly for women. At first I thought this show would be annoying. Hot blonde chick with a nice rack (man made but still nice) standing buck naked talking about sex and toys and throwing into little quips here and there about what was just shown. Sounds good but her voice was a tad squeaky. Like finger nails on a chalk board. I didn't know if I could make it through.

But the first impression was wrong. I got used to the voice and actually, it made the show better. They picked the right girl for this show. Katie Morgan, as dirty a porn star you will ever see, added a bit of innocence at the right time with her funny little comments. A couple of them were hilarious because of how she delivered them. Of course the show would have been better had she actually used some of the stuff she held and talked about. Overall, pretty good. Good enough for her next show, Porn 101 coming soon. Guess HBO loves the porn now.

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