Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I moved too quickly this year. I did not take into account all of my options before making a decision. Now I feel I have made the wrong choice.

Years back, when the Packers played Detroit on Thanksgiving, I would skip my family gathering and head to the bar family gathering. This was in the days before Big Momma took over. We would get Ron (name change!) to deep fry a turkey and feast on it during halftime. I might run down the street to get some onion rings or poppers to cook in the oil before we dipped the turkey. The day would be a blast as we knew most people in the bar. Once the Lions/Packers game was over, I could enjoy real football with the Cowboys. By the time that game was over, I was pretty much a puddle.

Ah, good times.

This year I didn't think when committed to my brother's house for Thanksgiving. Part of me would like to take a break from it. My sister will bring her kids over and they will run amok. The same scene breaks out every year. The oldest one annoys me during the Cowboys game and I tell her to stay away. I end up yelling at her and she throws a fit and cries. The younger two, who follow her around, will then throw a fit. Thankfully my sister realizes what goes on and takes care of the situation, albeit too late.

I thought I had me an out this year. Though I emailed a response that I would be there, I hadn't heard anything for 2 weeks. I could give them a quick "change of plans" email and be free. But then I received a response yesterday. Damn it!

I may weasel out yet. A piece of me says to go to the bar and watch football, get drunk and use the I am in no condition to drive out there excuse. Not the preferred way but as I said, a weaselly way. Anyone have a good excuse I can borrow?

I will be going to a party next Friday. I have yet to decide which bum wine to bring. Yes, bum wine. That is how I roll when it is a karaoke thing. I have to show up to make sure I don't hurt some people's feelings like I did last year. I think a little MD 20/20 or Night Train may dull the senses enough so my ears don't feel the pain.

My friend Gambino is down in Florida for a company function. She called last night and left a message about how Hooterific the Hooters was. She better have taken some pictures!!!

Ice update!!
It happened again today. I went to get some ice and found some bag jammed into the ice container. What the hell people!!! This time I did not toss out whatever it was but left a note telling that person it is not a freezer and that people use the ice for their drinks. If that person puts whatever that is back into the ice, I may toss it.

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