Friday, November 02, 2007

Maiden Voyage

It was 30 degrees outside as I stood by the coat rack deciding which jacket to wear. Do I go with the leather or just grab the denim? I had to get gas and standing in the cold didn't sound like a great idea. However, it may be 30 now but it will be around 60 when I leave work. Heavy or light?

I went heavy and put on the new leather jacket. Feels comfortable. Nice. And it wasn't bad standing in the cold filling the gas tank. It did a great job its first time out. Well done new leather jacket, well done.

It was also the first playing of the new Helloween disc in the car. I was joking with the cleaning lady yesterday that no matter how much she begged, she couldn't borrow the new CD. She looked at the cover and gave me this quizzical look saying "Heavy metal???". When asked, I always say Helloween is the best band none of my friends have ever heard. Then again, I don't think any of them listen to my type of music. They may think I am crazy if I walk by singing "Kill it, kill it, kill it".

I am among those that are quite happy the weekend is hear. For all the obvious reasons of course plus it means I am one week closer to Vegas. I need to get away for gambling and drunken debauchery. Don't we all need some debauchery?

To rake or not to rake. That is the question. My guess is not rake as I got a call about going out to watch football Saturday morning. Peer pressure is a bitch. But so is my liver, and as Al's friend Lewey says, the liver is evil and must be punished. Now some of you might be saying "Hey, you can always rake after the football game." Yeah, right, like that is going to happen. And don't even suggest raking before the game.

Just 7 hours to get through today. 7 hours. *sigh*

Have a good weekend. Rock on with your bad selfs!

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