Monday, November 26, 2007


That is what I did yesterday. Nothing. Layed around, read the paper, watched football, and stuffed my face with pizza. A nice relaxing day.

I did rile some feathers up. The first opening line on the Cowboys/Packers game that I saw was 7 points. I left it in comments at The Wisconsin Sports Bar (very good sight for locals, I highly recommend it) and it started a tizzy with one of them. All I said was the Cowboys were favored by 7, Go Big D and he went off into having to explain what a line meant, blah blah blah. They also have an article up playing "quality opponents". It is good, but somewhat inaccurate. The thesis is that both team have played only 3 quality opponents, with the Packers going 3-0 and the Cowboys 2-1. The Packers beat the Giants, San Diego and Detroit, while the Cowboys lost to the Patriots and beat the Giants twice. Now take a step back and think about when the Packers beat those teams. Where they quality opponents at the time? Hardly. The Cowboys lost to the best team in the NFL and beat a quality opponent twice, beating up the Giants for the Packers in week 1 I might add. The Cowboys beat the Giants in NY when the Giants were playing some of the best defensive football. It really shouldn't be a shock to see the line favoring the Cowboys by 6.5 now.

I was sent some sad news by AlCantHang today. Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of Quiet Riot, is dead. Sad. No word on how he passed yet. So take some time today to pay him a tribute.

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