Sunday, November 25, 2007

Creepy doll

Though it was cold, it had to be done. I had to go rake the leaves one last time this year. Man do I hate raking leaves. But I knew once it was done, I could enjoy a cold beer and watch some college football.

Funny thing about raking leaves. Unless you are totally anal about picking up every freaking leaf on the lawn, it will never look like you did a perfect job. The wind will come along and blow the leaves back where they were at the beginning of the day. That is why I take the election approach to raking leaves. I don't need to get every leaf, just the majority to get the job done.

Yesterday's job included getting the front yard. I figured I could rake them into one big pile and then move them onto a tarp and pull them to the street. You know, I wish I lived in the country so I could just toss a match on the pile and watch them burn, but if I did that now, I would get arrested. I made the leaf pile and went to the garage to look for the tarp. Hmm, no tarp. Maybe I have it in the basement.

When I went down the stairs, I moved to the back by all the crap I have. For some reason inside my little brain, I guess I cannot throw away a box. I am a man that is totally about the box. I have a shitload of boxes in my basement for every purchase I have made. A ton of boxes but no tarp.

I then went to the area where I allow my tenants to store some stuff. At first I was shocked about how neat and organized it was. Whereas I had boxes all over the place, everything was neatly stacked on table (where did that table come from) or arranged on the floor. I couldn't help but notice the 5 television sets. WTF? I guess TVs are their equivalent to my boxes.

Then I noticed the books stacked on top of an old dishwasher. On top of the books was an old doll, set up on its feet with one hand raised. It was like it was waving at me. Damn that doll was creepy looking. Which one of those sick people put the doll there?

I may have to go downstairs and get rid of it.

After I eat my pizza.

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