Monday, December 17, 2007

Dug out for what?

I spent the morning digging out of the latest snowstorm. All so I could go watch football and see the debacle that was the Cowboys game. This week, the offense played like crap. The Iggles deserved to win that game. They had more heart.

At least I got some swag out of it. A lone Miller girl was giving away hats at the bar. I kept winning them along with the polo shirt at the end. A minor consolation on the day.

It was another restless night. Between the alcohol going through the system and the chili I ate for dinner, there was more tossing and turning than normal. I think the secret is to not stop drinking until the last football game is over. And to avoid the chili.

Because I didn't sleep well, I figured I would try and sleep a bit more when the alarm went off. I turned the alarm off and got another hour in. Later on, I wish that I hadn't. One thing I like about getting to work early is the lack of traffic. It was like pulling teeth this morning in the construction zone. Agonizing. Brutal. Having little patience with traffic did not help at all but I survived. I think I am going in extra early tomorrow morning because of this.

More shoveling awaits me after work. I didn't quite bring the correct equipment today. Forgot my "work" jacket if you will. One that I can get all sweaty and dirty. I also forgot my shovel. Thankfully there is one at my mother's house but it isn't quite the same. Man gets used to using their own equipment and how to work it. Using a foreign tool makes the task a more complicated that it should be.

At least I don't have to worry about any more shopping.

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