Tuesday, December 18, 2007

After the thrill is gone

My holiday season is pretty much over. No more shopping or exchanging of gifts. There will still be time spent with friends, but the "big event" is over.

The family get together went off during a nice snowstorm on Saturday. Spent time talking with my brother and brother in law about various things. Ate some good food. Drank some good beer.

I may come off like a crank with all the snow and shopping that had to be done. Lack of gift lists and ideas make it hard when you need to do the shopping but when it comes down to the payoff, it is well worth it. That payoff is watching young kids open their gifts. Watching the excitement build as they realize they are getting toys and how that extra minute of waiting just kills them. Then when they are given the ok to open a present how they rip into it, tearing paper with reckless abandon to get to the prize hidden beneath the colorful paper. The exclamations of "that big present is mine?!?!?" to them saying "I have always wanted this!" as they open each and every gift. That look of pure joy is priceless.

And it makes all the hassle of shopping worth it.

I was puzzled by one thing though. Two of my nieces are quite young, 4 and 5. The oldest is 9. I noticed how each of them got a bunch of makeup. Sure it is just for play and all, but they each got a "kit" of makeup from my brother and my mother (yep, no way in Hell would I ever buy them makeup. Maybe a martini starter kit in a couple of years...). I don't get it. I just about asked "What is with whoring up the girls?" Instead I commented "Wow, that is a lot of clown make up." My sister mentioned how much they love it and how they will go paint themselves like crazy with the stuff. Me, I still don't get it.

So with the family events done, I look forward to gathering with friends this weekend. It looks like the traditional Christmas Eve at the bar is going down. Well, not quite as traditional as it used to be, but friends will be up there. The season has been good and before you know it, it shall be over.

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