Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning

Before I left for Vegas, the trap on my kitchen sink decided it was a good time to pee all over the floor. It is an easy repair. Take the J bend off and put on a new one. Replace the washers and make the the nuts are good.

I also had to replace the flapper in my toilet. This was a pain only because I had done this a couple months back and apparently, the new one was good for shit (loose toilet joke). It developed a leak that was quite annoying. I noticed the leak could be anywhere from a slow drip to a loud drizzle. If I opened the tank up, I could press down on the flapper and create a seal to make it stop. That would work until I could get to the Home Depot to pick up some parts.

I like the HD by me. I really like the self checkout kiosks they have. Only problem is getting help when you truly need it.

But I digress. For about a week, I had been opening the tank, reaching in, and pressing this flapper to stop the flow of water. In the process, I must have knocked the refill hose out of the refill tube a half dozen times, sending water all over the bathroom. Picture a fire hose going out of control, shooting water here and there. That was me trying to fix the toilet. It took a while for me to gain the patience to wait for the tank to fill before sticking my hand into that freezing cold water to press down the flapper.

Well, press no more. This time around I got a flapper with a 5 year warranty! Apparently they sucker you in to buy the cheap model, not knowing that you need to spend the extra 70 cents for that piece of insurance. Bastards! I am onto you now!

So now I can read without having to take apart my toilet when I am done.

Yesterday's snow/ice storm wasn't too bad in Milwaukee. It slowed things down for a bit and made for another fun night of shoveling. Heavy snow again. At least it helped bring up the packed snow underneath. But now my sidewalk is a sheet of ice. I need to remember to pick up the salt on the way home. Or a sign telling people they need ice skates to make it around the corner.

I am hoping the sun stays out most of the day to soften up the snow at my mom's house. I bet the plows have her iced in right now. That won't be fun if it is still frozen by the time I get there.
It may have to be one of those trips from her house to bar to relax.

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