Friday, December 14, 2007

Just about


With work this week. With shopping. With wrapping gifts. With clearing ice.

Working after vacationing is always hard. First it is getting back into the swing of things and then getting caught up with the work that wasn't done when you were gone, not to mention correcting the mistakes of others. A short week helps, but I am glad it is just about over.

I hit up the store last night thinking I could get the rest of my shopping done. Or at least what I need to have done by Saturday. Of course that didn't happen. I was at the bar an hour later enjoying a beer when I realized I forgot to pick up wrapping paper. But I can pick that up when I go food shopping so it isn't a big deal.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I play the guy card. If you do not provide me some ideas of things you would like, you are subject to whatever whim I have at the time. I am not entitled to put too much thought into any gifts I get you. I may go and buy you a canned ham or the ugliest sweater I can find. You don't give me a list, you get what you get.

Maybe I play it a bit too strong, but I will play the guy card every year. I needed something for my brother. As I walked through the store, I had little clue what to get. In years past, I have had a friend help me out but she is being a bitch this year so that isn't happening. She always had some good ideas that she would throw around and when I heard something good, I knew what to get.

But this year, I am flying solo. I fought the urge to get the canned ham but figured food would work with him. See, buying for my brother is difficult. He is the exact opposite of me. I refer to him as the anti-StB. Whereas I can sit in a casino or bar, drink the night away and talk with friends, he stays at home watching movies with his wife. I wear jeans and sweatshirt, he wears slacks and a sweater. I shovel, he uses a snowblower. I push a mower, he rides one.

It would be so much easier to just get a bottle of scotch but he doesn't drink. So I think I am going the cheesy route and combining the stuff I got for his wife with him into one big package. The stuff she wanted was basic housewares, nothing personal so it will work. I think I may get a cheese and sausage package for them too. Again, food works for him.

About the only other shopping knowledge I possess is for kids. I have lived by a simple rule when it comes to getting stuff for my nieces. When young, buy stuff that is noisy and will drink my sister nuts (payback is a bitch!). Now that they are a bit older, buy stuff that will make a mess. Call me a sick bastard all you want but it has worked well.

About the only thing I really need to do is get one final thing for the oldest niece. Sis said to get her a subscription to Tiger Beat magazine. I remember my sister getting that as a kid so she had a good feeling for it. I went online and took care of it but there is nothing to show her. So, I figure I need to give something. The best way is to give her a current issue and a card saying she will get one every month for the next year. Yep, I will be at a store trying to slip a copy of Tiger Beat magazine past the cashier, stating it isn't for me. Maybe I should buy a pack of condoms at the same time to give that cashier a really creepy feeling.

I am hoping the sun gets out and melts the ice on my sidewalk away. I did pick up salt and tossed it around last night. The salt that is you pervs! With some solar help, my sidewalks might be clear by the time I get home. Otherwise it is round number two.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I hope to survive Saturday night. Until then, rock on with your bad selfs!

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