Friday, December 28, 2007

More snow

Never underestimate the healing powers of whisky. I feel so much better today. Just in time to be able to shovel the 6 inches of snow they say will be waiting for me when I get home today. Nice!

Last day of the year to be at work. Good to know I have a 4 day weekend coming up. Not much is planned at this time which is a good thing. Once the snow is gone, I can figure out what to do beyond watching the last week of football. I am mixed about the Cowboy's game on Sunday. Sure it is a good thing to let some starters get rested up for the playoffs, but it is the Deadskins they are playing. Not only do I want them to keep them out of the playoffs, I want the Boys to deliver a harsh thrashing as well. Knowing they may not give it their all is a bit disappointing.

Damn it isn't time to leave yet. I got a lot of work done already this morning. Fell into the zone and now I am ahead of schedule for the day. My mind is already beginning to wander. I should send my body along with it. I am sure I can find some donuts around here somewhere.

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