Monday, January 07, 2008

Bad hockey

It is January 7 and it is raining outside. I don't know if that is the stranger than the fact we have window washers cleaning the windows right now. I wonder how they got up the slick, slanted roof. Oh, and if I hear any bullshit about it raining in January thanks to global warming, I will go postal on someone. No one said anything about all the snow we got last month.

End rant.

I had an OK time at the Badger hockey game on Saturday. Getting away from the usual routine is a good thing. Had the Badgers played well and won would have been an even better thing. Instead they scored 13 seconds into the game and that was it. Two weak goals in the third period was the difference and CC (Colorado College) got the win.

To make it worse, I had a very annoying CC fan behind me. She was with some very young kids and apparently had a family member playing for CC. I don't mind if a fan from the opposing team is cheering their guys on. I cheer my team on no matter where I am. But the flip side is, I know and understand the game. This broad didn't have a clue. None.

I should have known from the beginning. The seats we had were first row of the 3rd deck. Great view. As we sat down, her whiny snot nosed kid started crying that now he couldn't see. The kid threw a fit because we sat down in front of him.

Next, as the student section got revved up, this lady thought she could counter-cheer everything they did. It was beyond futile. It was moronic. You cannot combat 12,000 people chanting Let's Go Red, by inserting Black at the end. As I said, moronic. But the kicker was when CC scored the first goal. It took her 10 seconds to realize they had scored. 10 seconds. Then she went apeshit.

So I dealt with her nonsensical comments (like when the Badgers had the puck in the CC zone and she yells "Get it in!" Huh?) through 3 periods and promptly left when CC scored the empty netter. Badgers had chances but could not capitalize. It was sad.

So we headed out to a sports bar on the outskirts of town to drown our sorrows. As much as a Long Island Ice Tea at the Red Shed would have been great, dealing with a crowd did not. So we had some beers, watched the end of the Jax/Pitt game and waited for the fog to collect. Driving home at night in the fog sucks.

Before we left, I did get my first taste of Guitar Hero. I can see why everyone enjoys this game so much. It can be addictive. The concept behind it is pretty good too. I can see me heading off for a night of playing this game. I just need to stop moving my hands like on a real guitar.

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