Saturday, January 05, 2008

Get your pole swinging ass over here!

I thought it would be a quiet night at the bar. Lately, it seems Fridays have been that way. People either show up for some after dinner drinking or they don't show at all. I go to relax and unwind from the week. Maybe chat up some people and get a nice buzz.

As I said, it looked like it would be quiet. Behind the bar was Big Momma's grandkid. She can be tricky. Either she is a real bitch or very friendly. She will talk and joke or you need to grab the string and whip her out the door. Lucky for me, she was in a good mood.

I was a bit surprised to see OMW in the bar. It had been a while. Other than some people at a table, there wasn't anyone else of note. I sat down behind my 32 ounces of beery goodness and proceeded to think about the weekend.

Soon one of the girls from the table would come up to the bar to shake for shots. I am not sure why they kept declaring someone a winner or loser because no money was going into the till for the drinks. It was then that I heard that line. "Get your pole swinging ass over here!". They both broke into laughter at that one. Next it would be the phrase "You come guzzling gutter whore!". Yep, I hang with a classy crowd. Beside the insults jokingly thrown back and forth, the shots kept coming. Soon, I could see the drunkenness of both of them coming out. But soon they finished their game as more people came into the bar and the bartender actually had to work.

With the entertainment for the night over, I focused my attention on the Bucks basketball game. I don't usually watch basketball. I find it boring. Just me. But I did notice how terrible of a team the Bucks are. 10 points in the first quarter. 10 points! They were down by over 20 at the half. If I had any gambling friends of mine around, I would have bet the other team would soon have double their score. Sure enough, the other team went on a run to open the second half and the score was 66-33. Where are my degenerate buddies when I need them?

With that abortion of a game on, I left early. Had time to get a six pack on the way home and play some poker. I may be headed out to watch the Badger hockey game tonight. A road trip to Madison sounds like a good idea.

From the Only I Think About These Things Department: Say you have a pizza box from the local za joint. When you go to throw it out, does it go in the garbage, or the recyclable bin?

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OMW said...

i was at the bar?!? that must have been before i quit drinking.