Friday, January 25, 2008

Booze, stat!

So glad it is Friday. This week has been rough. More cat herding is on tap for today. Mmmm....tap beer.

Quarter ends are usually rough in the real world. Reports have to be created and distributed, informing the higher ups on the health of the business. In other cases, reports have to be submitted so you can stay in business with the government. I fall in that latter category. I am required to get reports in from over 400 people in the division. They have a month to get this done, but always wait until the end. I still have 100 people that need to deliver by Tuesday. If the statistical norm is maintained, 20 of these people will not read the instructions and submit an incomplete report. That means I need to double my effort to get the required info from them.

It is a lot of bullshit and coddling that I need to do. It happens every quarter but year end is the worst. I get sick of babysitting professionals. Everyone is told what is required of them and when. I say if you don't want to follow the rules, then fine, you won't have to. You also may not have a job.

I will be going for broke later today. In a team meeting, we are to go over what projects we are working on. I am going to push to hang the people that do not submit their reports. No more pussy footing. No babysitting. No breaks. No more bullshit. I say that for all those "professionals" that do not submit their reports by the deadline, that they do not do their job on Wednesday. They come in and must immediately go to a meeting room. There they will sit for the day. They will be prevented from doing their job because they are preventing me from doing the rest of my job. If they cannot do sales, they will not get paid. Unless they work overtime which they would need to do to reach their goals. We send a message that they need to take this stuff seriously. Or they will pay. I will also push to have this affect their bonuses. Hit them in the wallet. It always gets their attention.

I call it responsibility and respect. I also expect to be shot down, but it is worth a try.

I may do straight from work to the bar or the liquor store. Either which way, I will be in a relaxed state later today. The way I see it, I have earned it.

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