Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday thoughts

Was up at the bar last night for trivia. I missed the first week (Dunkel!) but made sure I would be there last night. Interesting set up. Questions are not that hard, but also not that easy. But the competition is. We got more points in the second half that 3 teams did in the entire game. Then, just because Annette wanted to jam her foot down on the throat of our competition, she bet the max on the bonus question. She is ruthless I tell you!

Easiest $50 bar tab ever earned. And considering how the bar is, that $50 will go a long way.
It was funny to see the second place team so happy to win something. They know they have little chance of toppling our trivia dynasty. Yes, it may be just two weeks but I am declaring us a dynasty!
Why must people rattle on phone numbers when they leave a voicemail? How about talking a bit slower when you give the number. Someone may be trying to write the number down and can't necessarily keep up with you. Plus, if I ask you to call me back tomorrow, don't call me back same day.
This story from CNNSI had me thinking. Bonds asks judge to toss perjury case. Of course he did. He doesn't want to go to jail. It was the opening paragraph that caught my attention:

Barry Bonds asked a federal judge to dismiss perjury charges against him
Wednesday, arguing the indictment is "scattershot" and noted for its "striking

"Striking inartfulness?" WTF? I don't even think that is a word. Sure enough, it really isn't. Artfulness is a word meaning slyly crafty or cunning; deceitful; tricky. But the prefix "in" makes it the opposite, doesn't it? Thus if something was noted for its "striking inartfulness", would that have actually meant it was not sly or cunning? Not deceitful or tricky? Sure not scattershot. I think Mr. Bonds is better off not hiring Jackie Childs to be his lawyer.
Guess I should get back to work. Still need to get 140 people to submit reports by next Tuesday. I feel like a cat herder. If only I had a cattle prod to use...

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OMW said...

so you played on the two couple team? I didn't think that was possible.