Friday, January 18, 2008

Damn its cold

It was pretty damn cold out there today. The wind was blowing making it even worse. I am glad I won't have to be outside at all.

But the cold does pose some other challenges. I do need to get to the grocery store some time this weekend. It is suppose to be even colder. I knew I should have done it last night when it was still a balmy 30 outside.

When it is this cold, it makes it seem like a chore to head out to a bar as well. Getting there can be rough but leaving is even worse. It feels extra cold when you walk out at night, with the wind ripping through you, sitting in a cold vehicle that may warm up by the time you get home. I may pass on this and hit up the local liquor store for some refreshments.

Or I could just go to the store and then directly to the bar. I could use my truck at a freezer as I tip a couple.

I have received some shit from people at work today. They have allowed everyone to wear their Packer stuff. A couple people have asked mockingly why I am not wearing something. Well, let's see. I am not jumping on the bandwagon and I am not rushing out to buy something just so I could wear something with a friggin' G on it. The best part is the people who talk the most are women. Women who haven't said one word about the team all year and suddenly are the biggest fans.

To an extent, I would love to see the Packers lose just because of people like this. But to do so would mean wishing ill will on a lot of friends. They know I don't dislike the Packers. They understand who I am. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, first and foremost. I don't wear colors of any other team. I wish the Packers win so they can enjoy the moment and happiness that comes with it. But for others, I wish they could show some class.

I am not sure I will be out for the game on Sunday. The late start is a bitch. I don't want to get all pissed up and have to get up early on Monday. Taking the day off is not an option. I highly expect it to be a late night too as I believe Green Bay will crush the Giants. Having watched the Packers most of the year and 5 Giants games, I don't think it will be close. The only chance New York has is if the Packers shrivel up in the cold like they did against Chicago. They can then run the ball down their throats. Might happen. But I doubt it.

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