Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday thoughts

  • I have rambled on about crappy drivers before. My ire has been raised a couple times over the past days. I would like to get some money together so I can start to air my own public service announcements on TV and radio. It would be a simple PSA. "Hey idiot! Yeah, you barely doing the speed limit in the left lane. Yeah, the moron fucking up traffic and pissing off the 10 cars behind you. If cars are passing you on the right side of your vehicle, you are in the wrong fuckin' lane! Get you dumbass out of that lane!" I would also push for more signs that say "Slower traffic keep right".
  • I met this new girl at work the other day. Cute girl, nice rack. She mentioned she worked for a theme park down south as one of the characters. She put on the costume and walk around the grounds entertaining kids. I couldn't help but wonder if she might be a furry.
  • Took DP down to the Old German Beer Hall yesterday. The Hofbrau brews were mighty good. There is something about lifting a nice liter mug of Dunkel and taking a big swig. A couple of those big mugs in your belly and you will be feeling pretty good. Good beer in big glasses always works well. Just looking at the website makes me want a Dunkel right now.
  • Dunkel is now the word of the day. Go ahead, say it. You know you want to. And it is fun. Dunkel, Dunkel, Dunkel!
  • The story about a guy taping a Packers jersey to his kid during the game Saturday doesn't surprise me. They say it is a joke. Maybe, maybe not. Every team has fans that are on the lunatic fringe. It just seems like the Packers have more. They are like the Jehovah Witnesses of football fans.

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