Saturday, January 12, 2008

Long overdue

It had been awhile since I had checked out a new bar. Having a strong desire for a good "Friday Beer", I had a local establishment in mind. A bar that is very close to my house that I always meant to drop in but for some reason over the past decade, never did.

That bar is Romans' Pub. I had checked out the beer list on their site before but never stopped in to quaff a beer or two. Well, that changed yesterday and now I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to stop in.

The front bar area isn't that big, but they do have a patio and a back room. 3 huge flat screens tower over the bar and that bar is loaded with taps. The beers change on a regular basis and there are a number of "menus" printed up to help you decide on what to drink. I believe it was the owner who was manning the bar last night as he sure knew his shit. A regular stopped in just after I had arrived and I overheard a lot of news on what is happening in the bar scene of south Milwaukee.

I started out with BELL'S EXPEDITION IMPERIAL STOUT.I was longing for an Imperial Stout. There is something about a smooth dark, chocolatey beer that has a nice kick at the end that would relax my body. Bell's Expedition was described as "Deep ebony color, aroma and taste of roasted malts, ripe vine fruit, chocolate and coffee with some phenol alcohol burn and a mild hop finish. (10.5%). How do you not want one after reading that?

Next, I moved on to something similar. OMMEGANG CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE STOUT. Deep brown color, chocolate, coffee and slight floral hop aroma, taste is chocolate, roasted malt, coffee notes balanced by floral hop bitter, finish is dark bitter chocolate. (7.0%) Thirsty yet? Another great beer that went down smoothly.

Both beers really hit the spot. I only stayed for the two because I had no idea what I would want next. That and I am not using to paying for my beer in a bar.

The best thing about Romans' Pub is of course the beer selection. They had a number of beers for all tastes and better yet, all seasons. With the rotation of beers- the bottom of the beer menu shows what is coming on tap next- I know I will be back for more sampling.

In a strange twist, later that night I received a test message from the Rooster in New York. It had just two words. Three Philosophers. The Ommegang Chocolate Stout I had drank earlier was served in a Three Philosophers glass and was on the menu as coming soon. I know I impressed the Rooster with my knowledge by replying with Ommegang and should I see the Philosophers at a pub anywhere, I will sure be imbibing.

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