Friday, January 11, 2008

What snow?

I tired this morning. I didn't stay out late but didn't go to sleep early either. After having a couple beers with friends at the bar, I escaped before the cat skinning- aka karaoke- began.

Got home and played some poker. Unfortunately, the results were not good. I did learn one thing. If the only reason you are playing poker is because you needed something to do while you finished the cocktail, you may have a gambling problem.

It was just before midnight when I crashed. I already knew I would be up early to shovel snow. It looked like about an inch or two was on the ground when I got home and they were expecting another couple inches overnight. Funny thing though, when I crawled out of bed this morning, there was hardly any snow on the sidewalks. I cleaned up some of the slush in the driveway but my sidewalks were predominately wet. Check the steps to the front door and found no snow or ice either. That was a nice surprise.

So now I sit at work, drinking coffee and Coke (no not mixed together) and trying to be awake. Good thing it is Friday and the workload doesn't appear to be that bad or I would be hurting.
Tomorrow will be interesting. I expect many bars to be packed (pardon the pun) to the rafters for the football game. There will be many new faces as the Packer bandwagon has filled up this week. Suddenly everyone and their grandmother is a huge fan once again. Funny, the bar wasn't really busy most of the season. There were games when the crowd was high, but for the most part, it was very quiet. Now people that haven't been out all year will be hitting the local tavern to watch the game. I am betting on seeing quite a few new shirts and jerseys this weekend. You know, the ones that are being bought today.

More thoughts on that tomorrow. Right now I need more coffee.

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