Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mama she raised no fool

I had some ideas to pop down here but then saw that Al had hit post #1000. I then forgot what I had to say. Knowing Al is something special. He and his crew are some of the best, most genuine and generous people I have ever met. You want good people? Al is good people. Congrats my friend. I shall be raising a toast to you later. Maybe at lunch even.

Oh yeah, I remember now. It was about trivia, smoking, and Britney Spears.

Let's start with trivia. The dynasty continued last night. For once, there wasn't a slow start. It was take the lead and never look back. I was surprised we didn't have more of a lead before the final question. I also wasn't surprised that we scored more points in the first half than two teams did in the whole game. See, the questions aren't the hardest. But they all aren't really easy. For every "What city did the St. Valentine's Day Massacre happen in" you get a "What movie did Jackie Chan, James Brown, and Jessica Love Hewitt all appear in". Easy and then what fuck crap movie had James Brown in it beside Rocky III?

We got booed by some of the other contestants last night because we crushed them. Like, are we suppose to let them win? HELL NO! They want me to sit there, drink and answer questions for a free bar tab. That is exactly what I am gonna do. I don't believe in letting anyone win. There are no participation trophies here. Everyone is not getting a ribbon for showing up. Only the smart drink for free. That's my motto. Hey, I like that.

I hope to get the gang together every week and dominate this game until no one else shows up or they simply give us a first place tab and ask us not to play one week. I also think we can get a perfect score. That reminds me, I wonder how long it is scheduled to run. 10 weeks could mean $500 of free booze. Depending on who is working, that could really mean $1000 or more of free booze.

Next, let's tackle Britney Spears. Ok, we won't physically tackle her because we don't know how many of those crazy germs may jump off of her and onto us. So she is staying at the Hilton with the padded walls and straps on the beds again. Hey, she is nuckin' futs! But what the hell is with the police escort her ambulance was given? The Los Angeles police have nothing better to do than waste 12 vehicles covering some psycho bitch to a hospital? If I lived in L.A., I would be pissed. I would demand that the Spears family pay for the use of the police.

How many people took her in their death pool this year?

And now smoking. Looks like smoking will not be banned in bars next year. At least for now. When will people realize this is not a real problem? There are places where people smoke. Bars are one of them. Let the market work and do its job. I know of taverns people do not go to because it is too smokey in it. That bar loses business because of it. I know of a smokeless place that is doing pretty good. They benefit. See, people do not need to go to bar. (Wait, did I just type that?) They can go to the liquor store and pick up their bottle of Zinfandel and go home to watch reruns of Lawrence Welk. If they choose to go to a bar, they know what they are getting involved with. They made a choice and need to take responsibility.

Keep government out of this. The only step they should take it is to create a rider on the liquor license that includes smoking. Make establishments smoking or non smoking and let the market decide. So simple even a caveman can figure it out. Why can't Doyle?

I will be eating tonight at a place not too far from me. Funny how I always thought it was an old tavern that had closed. Tonight's fare will be Serbian food. Can't decide whether to get the lamb, the suckling pig, or the burek. More tomorrow.


OMW said...

Warning. one of htese weeks I am going to come up there and as a team of ME give you gys a run for the bars money.

OMW said...

one of these wednesdays me and my chipmunks will show up. SOB i left a comment already (when???)