Friday, February 01, 2008

Can't talk

Gotta shovel.

Listen to Albert until I get back.

That wasn't that bad. Around 6 or 7 inches to clear up. If it hadn't been for the warm up at the beginning of the week, I wouldn't have had any place to put all of this snow. Funny thing, my right ring finger is swollen at the tip. The "pad" portion is inflamed like a blister but it isn't a blister. Hmm.

Some notes for you shoveling enthusiasts. I went to a half blade sweep. With that much snow, I could only use half the blade on each stroke so as to not make a mess by pushing snow onto the area I had just shoveled. It worked well. I also noticed a flaw in my shoveling strategy. Will have to analyze and correct this leak. Will get to so when I travel to shovel at the parental unit's house.

I noticed something interesting about my tenants this winter. I think it sums up to pure laziness on their part. Whether it be to get the mail or go to their cars (street or parking spot), they would rather walk in a foot of snow rather than go 5 feet out of their way, go up/down stairs, and walk on a clean sidewalk. I don't get this. Why would you walk through the snow and track it into your car when there is a clean pathway just a couple feet away? You can't walk the extra 8 feet?

So I am going to test this out. At the front of the house, I have begun to pile the snow in the path they would trudge to get to the mailbox. If it snows more, I am going to see if I can pile it to the top of the fence. Hell, I may go get snow from the curb just to pile it on.

I had a fantastic meal at a restaurant not too far from my house last night. Probably get to it later. The food was so good. Lamb, pork loin, chicken, burek, chevapchichi, the Serbian salad and Serbian tea. So damn good. It took me a while to wrap my mind around what I had eaten last night. I get hungry just thinking about it.

Time to get a haircut. I will be keeping an eye out for the plows. Don't want them messing up what I just cleaned. Of course, they will show up later when I am at the bar.

Hope my friends have a safe trip up to GB. Stop at a pub if the highway gets messy, ok? Otherwise rock on with your bad selfs!

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