Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Not the way to start a year

I can handle the cold weather this morning. 9 degrees is nothing. I can handle people driving like idiots because they have to go to work again and forgotten how to drive. I can handle all the work that is not touched when I am gone and the deluge of paperwork I will be seeing going forward.

What I cannot handle is the two hens, squawking about the maladies of their lives. They haven't seen each other for two weeks. Now they are trading stories about how they need to take care of parents with each one trying to top the other's stories. When it got to them speaking about seeing their father's naked, I just about threw up in my mouth. Not what I want to hear on the first day of work in the new year. I hadn't missed that. Sadly for me, it is typical of how the day starts. They talk and compare notes in what sounds like a rather sick competition.

I didn't feel like putting anything up over the last couple of days. Quick recap. Wake up, watch movies/football, go to bar, have good time with friends, go home and sleep. Repeat. See, nothing exciting.

About the only thing of note was having to wake up early on New Year's day to go to the store. And by early I mean 9. I had no food in the house. None. Plus, I had to get cat litter. Poor cat had very little to pee on and that would make the place stink if I didn't act. Sure I could have done that on New Year's Eve but I was too lazy to do so. Funny how empty the store was. I probably looked like a zombie walking through there. I had a short list of things I absolutely needed to get. Beside the litter, there was laundry detergent and coffee creamer. I grabbed some ground beef, some eggs, bacon, and a pizza and got out of there. Looks like I will be back this weekend.

But for now it is the dive into paper. Enjoy your day back at work. I know I will. I will be reviewing reports from everyone in the division. On the very first report, the person did not follow directions. Par for the course. Only 500 more to go.

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