Thursday, January 03, 2008

I resolve to

I am not a resolution person. I find it humorous that people will suddenly declare that on this date they will begin to do something different to improve their lives for the next year. Of course by the time they are watching the Super Bowl, that resolution had been broken and forgotten. Or worse, they are not guilt ridden because they failed. Boo fuckin' hoo!

Let's face it. Most of us probably ate a little more, drank a little more, and laid around the house doing less in December. Between running around getting presents, eating cookies, and shoveling snow, we probably put on a few extra pounds. Do I need Mike Golic on a Nutrisystem commercial to get me to lose weight? Hell no!

I just need to fall back into the normal lifestyle I have. I think I gained about 10 pounds over the past month. If I get back to exercising after work and watching what I eat (mainly quantity, not quality), I know I can drop those pounds. If I don't, it isn't a big deal to me either.

No, I will not resolve to get tough with my tenant either. After having paid the rent late the last couple of months, he told me didn't have January's rent and doesn't know when he can get it. Fine. This shit needs to end. It will start with him getting me paid. Until then, he better not use the laundry facilities. It is for people who pay the rent. If he continues, I guess he will be getting booted soon. The fun hassle of eviction may be around the corner for me.

Yeah, I don't need to resolve to do anything I know I can do on my own. Resolving is for quitters.

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