Friday, February 15, 2008

Avoid bad booze

I am sitting here staring outside the window. It is about 10 degrees give or take a couple. The sun is shining. The icicles are dripping. It looks nice out there. And the first thought on my mind is why did I not grab my sunglasses before leaving for work?

It was on the bright side when I left the house. A sign that the days are beginning to get longer. It was dark when I was outside shoveling 45 minutes earlier. Those damn weathermen kept saying 3 to 5 inches. It was snowing at 6 when I was driving to the store and kept on snowing as I drove back home. Somewhere around an inch later it stopped. I woke up thinking I had a lot to clean up but found barely any. Not sure why I even bothered.

I did find it amusing the number of men at the grocery store buying flowers at the last minute. It got me to thinking about how many flower deliveries I did not see at work yesterday. I always thought you had to have the flowers delivered to women at work. Hell, you have anything and everything delivered to them at work so they can brag and show off what they have received. Feed the ego, make her coworkers jealous. At least that is the approach I have always taken. In the area I work, I didn't see one woman who had flowers delivered to her at work. Guess few of these girls will be giving birth come end of the year.

I find myself a bit on the desperate side of the liquor cabinet last night. Having gone to the store, I picked up some tonic. For some deranged reason, I thought that drinking the bottle of gin I won at the church festival was a good idea. It wasn't. In fact, it reinforced my rule of booze. Don't drink the crappy stuff. Spend the extra 50 cents at the bar to get good booze or the extra 5 to 10 bucks at the store. Life is too short to drink shitty alcohol.

Of course now that I have opened this bottle I must finish it. I wonder what else I can put in it to make it taste better.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Rock on with your bad selfs!

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Kris said...

I hate bad booze, that is why I was so happy to turn 21 so I wouldn't be forced to drink Natty Light and Mad Dog anymore.